Back To School

I was watching Grease 2 the other day while playing in inventory and this happend…you’re welcome! If you have yet to see Grease 2, I will assume you are a horrible person! ❤

Suicide dollz, as you know, is open and this cute little top is there, it is an applier top and is low-cut in the front and also comes in different sayings on the back. Head over and grab ya one, would look super cute with a little “school girl” skirt. I know SU has some cute short ones out.

Happy shopping and have yourself a mini dance party like I did to the tune below!


Top- EMPORIUM – PINK Baseball Jacket @ SD

Hair- .LeLutka.Cassie hairbase.Fatpack (hair is in the fatpack)

Gum- [PF] Yum Bubblegum!

4 thoughts on “Back To School”

    1. ahaha I agree completely! Cool Rider is my go to singing in the shower song. I love it so much more than the orig Grease which most people scream at me for but I cant help, like you said, “so bad it’s good”. ❤

      1. Yay, me too! And for the longest time, I only had a version that I recorded from television where they edited out the “Reproduction” song. Wasn’t till I finally got a DVD that I heard it; man that movie was raunchy, haha! Also “We’re Gonna Score Tonight”, “Let’s Do It For Our Country” … How can you not love a movie where every other song and dance number is making puns about sexy times? ❤

      2. lol! I know what you mean, I watched it first when I was young and then again when I was about 16 and was like….oh, alll the sexual-ness!!! This made me love it more. haha I try to serenade my dog with at least ONE song from Grease 2 weekly. <33

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