No ordinary love

I have another pretty from Moon that will be released at the upcoming hair fair on the 11th!! This beauty is named Common Burn and I want to live in it, make dinner, watch a movie just BE in it. I am going to try to post two times a day so I can share with you all the greatness coming to Hair Fair that I am so appreciative to receive recently, so stalk me… *creeper smiles at you*

The skin is a better close up of the WoW skin you can get at Apply me that opens tomorrow, she is for lelutka head and she is gorgeous! Make sure to stop by and check her out for yourself.

The tattoo can be found at this round of Suicide dollz, SOURIRES TATTOOS never disappoints and the Mhelynda tattoo is amazing head to toe!! Appliers available as well.


Hair- Moon. Hair // – FATPACK – Common Burn (coming to hair fair on 11th, will update LM)

Skin- .::WoW Skins::. Lelutka-Aisha Milk applier @ Apply me (opens tomorrow)


Top-ISON – shoulder cut-out tank (black) @ Collab88

Necklace- Cae :: Juno :: Necklace @ Fameshed

Sterio stuffs-  [ kunst ] – Vintage tuner (past gacha)

Guitar/chair- Apple Fall Martins’ Busker Guitar


4 thoughts on “No ordinary love”

  1. Anika that hairstyle is SO gorgeous on you! And will you kindly come and write my blog posts too so I can find time to actually attend all these amazing weekend events? Pretty please with Pink Ladies on top?

    PS: Thanks so much for making it rain on my face with that video. I will never finish being devastated that The Civil Wars are no more. I love everything they ever did, but their cover of “I Want You Back” is my special slice of heaven. 😍 😭

    1. Thank you!!! haha I try and get it out quickly for the impatient people ready to shop, at least that is my excuse when I am like “wut so i say here” lol
      I enjoy making it rain on peoples faces! I am the same way, Everytime I listen to them there is a sadness and anger that they broke up. I have an obsession with the song “The one that got away” I read that this was the song they wrote last to end their time together, so when I listen, the feels attack all my facial parts. ❤

      1. Ughghghg that song is so good. I almost wonder if it’s more intriguing that they busted up so early in their careers; it makes their music all the more alluring!

        I think they were secretly in love with each-other. Their on-stage chemistry was so electric I felt like I needed a cold shower after watching them perform. And the harmonies, lyrics, everything – total perfection! ♥

      2. I wonder the same!! The way they looked at each other made me love them even more! I recently checked out her new album and I just can’t even listen to it! I have issues I guess haha. I first thought it was a publicity stunt and waited…waited more then sadness. I do feel like something happened just by the way the last albums lyrics were but I guess I am selfish for their music because I am still like..gawwww WORK IT OUT FOOLS! haha ❤

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