Every You, Every Me

Ladies, I need you to grab a snack and prepare yourself for amazing-ness..go ahead I’ll wait………

SO Genesis lab will have a new mesh head out for ladies at this coming round of Kustom9 which opens on the 15th! This is not one of the normal mesh heads with few options, this beautiful beast has 90 billion options, I may be exaggerating but there are SO MANY OPTIONS! First let me say this is going to be a gacha item, I know many of you, including myself, get very aggravated with gacha machines but I think this one is worth your while! So I wish you ALL the luck to get what you want from it! ❤

I want to start of with how many options to win you will have, there are 19 commons, 2 Rares and 1 Ultra rare. The commons are the different emotion mesh heads(come with teeth and one, a tongue), one of the rares is the entire emotions hud so if you got one head and then the rare hud you’re set! The other rare is the eye HUD which normally with eyes I’m not picky but these eyes are super fancy and the color options and depth are beautiful. There are two tones you can win as well, milk which is 9-16 when you win, and cappuccino 1-8. Now the Ultra rare is the animated mesh head, it comes with a blinker and all, sooo stinking pretty! There is a secret prize as well and it is gorgeous but I will let you see for yourself because……secrets. This is a brief summery of the gacha for Genesis, I will have more pics as well as the gacha key, coming tomorrow/later today so you can be ready!

I think I may have to put down my Lelutka head for a bit, I am reeeaaally loving this mesh head and all the options. Let me know what you think about it down below if you like.

The tattoo is also from 7p, amazing quality for the price, make sure check this place out!

The hair is from Due at hair fair, So friggin pretty!!


Mesh head- .Genesis_Head_Julia_2.0 @ Kustom9 

Tattoo- –7P-Evil Inside-Tattoo Applier

Hair- [DUE] Muse – B&W @ Hair Fair

Necklace- Cae :: Juno :: Necklace @ Fameshed

Top- KITJA – Jenna Top BLACK @ Season story

Lashes- Izzie’s – Eyelashes v1.02


2 thoughts on “Every You, Every Me

  1. Oh my stars, you look stunning! Genesis’ work is sensational; allllllllmost makes me want to take the plunge and try one, but I’m so attached to my face (literally and figuratively, haha!) ♥

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