It’s just one of those days

I have here just ONE of the amazing mesh heads you can win in the Genesis gacha at Kustom9 right now!! This is the angry version, and it suits me perfectly! I have constant stink face on most days, I find it keeps the iggits at bay. (supernatural reference…you’re welcome) So as I promised I will have a picture of the gacha items for you to win below, if it’s too small click it and it should be easier to read , if not click again and it will attack your eye spaces but I would recommend maybe some glasses. This is the Vamp makeup version in milk. Head over and try your luck!! I hope you win alll that you want and need!! ❤

The hair is at hair fair from Vanity hair, you can have it plain or streak it, which you know is my fav!

The tattoo again is from 7p, if you have yet to stop by there and check out these awesome, fair priced tattoos, I don’t know how you live your life!

Happy shopping ladies and good luck with the gacha!! xoxo

I chose the song below, not because I love it, but it just expresses her facial-ness to me! haha I forgot about this song, as it was huge when i was in middle school. but my son was in a pissy mood a while back and thought “hmm ill play this violently loud and piss my mom off” little did he know my boyfriend and I, instead of yelling at him, started our own little mosh pit outside his angry door! That is just a little tip from me to you, join your children in their angst moments, it confuses them and they bend to your will. (ours being turning this horrid shiz off)


gacha chart_julia2.0

Mesh head- 18.HUD_Genesis_Head_Julia_2.0_VAMP_MAKE-UP (emotion angry) @ Kustom9

Tattoo- –7P-Evil Inside-Tattoo Applier

Hair- Vanity Hair::Like Smoke-All Blacks Pack @ HAIR FAIR

Shirt- Amala – The Emily Top – Black @ Season story

2 thoughts on “It’s just one of those days”

  1. LMAO at “I don’t know how you live your life” – alright girl, you got me! I’m going! 😀

    Also, you’re a stunner even with your “bloody iggits” face on. Those lips are just SOOOOO gorgeous!! ♥

    1. baha I WIIIIN!! Let me know how you like! Thank you, I make that face in RL more than I care to admit so I found this head fitting. I am obsessed with the lips on alll the mesh heads, even the teeth freak me out how realistic they look, well should look….I enjoy coffee so not so close to mine bhaha
      Thank you for your sweet comments all the time, you make my day ❤

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