Hair Fair 2016

Good morning ladies! Today I have something a little different for you to read and get excited about!

Hair fair 2016 is coming, as I’m sure you know, and if you do not know GET EXCITED!

First there is a contest for you lovely ladies to enter and win some HUGE prizes! The contest is from now until July 1st. Here is a link to wear you can read up on the contest and how exactly it works, CONTEST.

Another pretty awesome thing is what the hair fair is a part of and where donations go. Wigs for Kids is the recipient of the donations and you have doubts, there is also proof you can see HERE to ease that thought.

I am going to put the awesome prizes you can win below so you can get a move on and make those pretty pictures! Keep an eye out on my blog for more info on the upcoming hair fair and sneak peek at some of the items you will be able to purchase when Hair fair 2016 opens! ❤

Hair Fair Photo Contest PRIZES sm



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