<3 Update <3

SO, I officially have my two dream jobs happening at the same time! I am not super big on sharing my RL or personal anything on sl platform but many of you have e-mailed me, sent me ncds just asking if I am ok and it makes me have feels! ( I never have feels, ask around)


I recently signed on to a trilogy of horror, ghost writing, extravaganzaaaa (short somewhat vague look into what I do and now finally get paid for ffs) and I was and am working on that daily, that is more on my time than anything but out of no where this record label company/magazine I have stalked since I was in middle school, called me…giphy

I scream. So NOW I have TWO of the most amazing (to me) jobs evhar but I am crazy busy. I hate that it sounds like bragging but I am SO excited about all this, no care.


I am not going to say I am leaving SL, I am just going to say I will be in and out. I am going to try to set 2 or 3 specific days to blog, however, RL comes first obviously. I have not been this happy in RL in many moons! I am also planning my RL wedding…sloooowly as well as house hunting. halp me. 😉

Stores I blog for, I heart you and thank you for being amazing and I totally understand if you need to kick me in world or delete me from blogotex ( which I tried to send IM there but couldn’t figure it out) I completely understand and thank you for the time given!

Love all your faces and will have a post in a week or so ❤ !


If you’re into this type of music and other magical music types…feel free to stalk me here at Bandcamp




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