Lighten up the days

The Arcade is coming!! Prepare your breathing methods and wallets. I find when you throw 2k in a machine to only get 90 of same 4 items , the best way to breath is like so….exhale in deeply and just SCREECH like any animal you identify as! I also keep old pencils next to me so I can throw it violently at walls, furniture, spouse etc. I have already made my list and am practicing my fast tp-ing finger.  I hope you get all you want for a reasonable price! ❤




OSMIA – Frosty.Day.Gacha @ The Arcade ( Dec soon)

  • Outfit RARE
  • Fawn (hold)
  • Shoes blk

Exile – Jolene – All or Nothing

{Luxuria} Thigh High Socks


DS’ELLES – Applier SASHA for catwa



BellePoses – Millie Pack @ Candy Fair


I [SL] Amsterdam

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