You’ll never understand…

” You’ll never understand how much watching other peoples pain gets me off, hearing their screams and knowing that I have the power of a god”



{Ghoul} Luzifer Uniform @ ROMP

  • {Ghoul} Luzifer – Freya – Armband – Thrones
  • {Ghoul} Luzifer – Freya – Blouse – Thrones
  • {Ghoul} Luzifer – Freya – Corset – Thrones
  • {Ghoul} Luzifer – Freya – Corset Straps – Thrones
  • {Ghoul} Luzifer – Freya – PPastie – Thrones

Sintiklia – Hair Salma – Fatpack+Tint @ ROMP

_CandyDoll_ Carolina Heels Black

Luas Latex Addiction Whip Black RARE


Genesis_Head_JADE Bento

BT:Gwen Skin

-Belleza- Freya Full


BellePoses – Heloisa


{RW} Starry Bondage Frame @ ROMP

[WARTZ] 03 Scene BDSM

DRD – Industrial hanging lights

MN Cluster of Candles

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