Amber is the color of your energy

LAQ Has released TWO new bento heads with a 3.0 HUD! I am going to copy from the NC’D sent so I its clear what difference etc.

Main changes:
– Our fuller, yet still very user-friendly HUD will be sold separately from the heads. If you already own a LAQ head/HUD, you don’t have to buy the HUD again, it will be delivered to you. This means that you can now buy heads separately from the HUD for 1500 L per head, instead of the previous 5000 L. The main HUD will be 3000 L and is a one time purchase – but the first 24h it will be 50% off – 1500L !
– Increase in number of layers: 5 blush/tattoo layers, 3 eyeshadow layers, 2 lip layers
– 2 New heads: Leia & Skye

Head over and try the new head demos!! I have Leia shown here but will have Skye to show you next. If you want that deal though I would RUN!! Def worth it, I did the tones below as well as just some of the facial features.





pr!tty – Dawn – {Short} – [Special Pack] SUPER RARE @ The Chapter Four

Bauhaus Movement – Daisy Gacha SET @ BLOOM

  • Bauhaus Movement – Daisy Bracelet
  • Bauhaus Movement – Daisy Headband
  • Bauhaus Movement – Daisy Necklace

Scandalize. Susan. White @ Black Fair


LAQ Bento – [HUD] 3.01

LAQ Bento head – Leia

LAQ ~ Leia Skin [All Tones] LAQ Head Compatible


= Fashiowl Poses = Watermelons Gacha // 7


* CHEZ MOI Bubble Chair & Table @ TLC

  • Bubble Table
  • Bubble Chair

= Fashiowl Poses = Watermelons Gacha // RARE

May’s Soul – pink lemonade

+Half-Deer+ Beagle Puppy – Sweet Dreams

+Half-Deer+ Black Baby Bird

+Half-Deer+ Fallow Deer – Fawn

+Half-Deer+ Raven


DRD – Garden Party – Big Tree Bare – RARE

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