Crystal heart festival has been open and there are some super cute items you can grab…focusing here on Moon hair and Vincue outfit available there now!

The skin, which I will be doing a close up of soon, is from New faces and you can find her at Chapter Four.

It’s rainy and gloomy out here but that gross moist sticky humidity shit where when you step outside every and all gnats/mosquitos immediately stick to your gross feeling body! So im inside for the day and I am already stir crazy! I am doing couple pics to post this week and then running to Micheal’s (craft store) and grab birdhouses or something to paint from boredom! Let me know below or via flickr mail what you do when bored on a rainy day with crafty things. Thunder just shook the shit out of my house and I clenched my butt cheeks so hard I got a cramp. thought I would share that with you. Youre very welcome. Have a day!!




Moon. Hair // – Haiku @ The Crystal Heart Festival

Vincue / Sailie Set ~ Things @ The Crystal Heart Festival


New Faces – Adriana @ TCF

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