♥ About ♥

If you need to get in touch with me for any reason IM me or send a NC’d in-world to aanikaa resident  or Flickr mail <—Preferred

I have been around blogging for 6+ years now (off and on RL permitting) I love what I do and I only log in to do so. I pay for my flickr to be pro, I pay for my site to be a .com, I pay for premium secondlife for more group space, I pay for large land to decorate/tear up/hide for pictures. So I take it seriously and not for free items or recognition. This is a great escape and relaxing time from a busy rl. Most items you see will only be worn once and then discarded unless can be used again. I love the stores I work with and have worked with in the past. I am still excited to be blogging!

Under the section “Items worn regularly” It will have info on what wont be blogged every day or if it’s a creator I wear that type of item from only.

I blog to cater my mood and the music I’m listening to at that moment so my blog can change drastically from one post to another. There is no dedicated style.

*When blogging items I use the slurls/LM’s sent with the package or off blogotex. If none are provided there will be none.

I am always open to accepting sent items or working with new and older brands. Just shoot me a message on flickr ( I miss a lot in-world so that is the safest to get in contact) I do have a few stipulations on items I will and will not blog. I prefer custom mesh stores and I do not do body applier clothing. I only do up to date items. This means no flexi dresses etc. I blog any and everything from skins, makeups, hairbases, Hair, clothing, accessories, decor, Poses, backdrops BUT I do NOT blog shoes! I am weird I KNOW haha.

Bodies I own:

  1. Legacy
  2. Matrieya
  3. Belleza (all)

Mesh heads I own & actively use:

  1. Lelutka
  2. Genesis
  3. LAQ
  4. LOGO

I appreciate everything I receive greatly and I thank you creators for making amazing products that inspire me to take pictures. ❤

Anika        (aanikaa resident)   xoxox   ♥

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