♥ About ♥

If you need to get in touch with me for any reason IM me or send a NC’d in-world to aanikaa resident  or Flickr mail You can also reach me on fb at these profiles…

Anika    Anika Blog fb

OK, the obligatory blogger disclaimer…

I have the right to not accept/blog something sent to me from a store or persons I do not regularly blog for. I also have the right to drop a group with no warning if the group is stagnant for a period of time, to make room for more active groups as I am an active blogger also If I am in a group and the items for blogging are not my style any longer, I have the right to leave also. I will fill out google forms as I blog an item however I will not send notecards. I will never blog anything stolen or copy botted to my knowledge, if you see something on my blog that is; please contact me immediately.

So that is out-of-the-way, here is some more info:

  • I only wear Maitreya mesh body
  • I wear items fit for the year we are in –  this means no system clothing or flexi dresses etc
  • I wear mesh heads only
  • If you send me something…please add a ncd with info and LM or it may be skipped or blogged with no link to where you can buy it.
  • Before sending something have a look at my blog or Flickr to see if its something relatable to a style ive done.

I do edit my pictures I also on occasion add a non edited picture for skins purposes. Under the section “Items worn regularly” It will have info on eyes etc that wont be blogged every day or if it’s a creator I wear that type of item from only.

I blog to cater my mood and the music im listening to at that moment so my blog can change drastically from one post to another.

I appreciate everything I receive greatly and I thank you creators for making amazing products that inspire me to take pictures. ❤

Anika        (aanikaa resident)   xoxox   ♥

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