Sweet, sweet Jane




Moon. Hair // –  Venus @ Kustom9

Blueberry – Vicky – Ruffle Top

Blueberry – Vicky – Lounge Shorts


LAQ Bento – Motion Capture – Rebel 3.05

LAQ ~ Cherry Skin [All Tones] LAQ Head Compatible

LAQ ~ Real Bubblegum (mocap animated) SO CUTE!


FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Dance Hall


The white throat of useless passion

I dreamt I cut your heart out
Held it in my hands
Felt it beating
Warm as the sun
Then you set fire
To my veins

It is I you fear
With lust in your heart
I am light my child
It’s fire you seek

The white throat of useless passion
Rose from its grave last night
Stood by my bed
And whispered your name
So I choked it to death
And everything was silent

It is I you fear
With lust in your heart
I am light my child
It’s fire you seek

Sky was purple
The earth was red
Watched you run
Into the black

I followed
So quiet
Steady blade
Pierces the shield

Do they know?
Have you told?
Think I will….

It is I you fear
With lust in your heart
I am light my child
It’s fire you seek

Heavy Temple



*Just BECAUSE* Hester Top

Lamb. Prove It – Black Pack 75L TODAY ONLY 7/14/18

LUXE. Stellar Necklace Black

Pseudo- Kayla Panty




AG. Hypnotic Eyes – Aqua Pack



Pushing air inside your tired mind

Ladies, there are so many events and sales and specials right now. It’s tiring frankly. I do have some favorites though like this outfit from Safira its a one piece and the floral pattern is gorgeous! You can grab her at the Vanity event. Exile also has some beautiful hair out at vanity event, Dulcet has several very different style options, which I love when it’s actually a different look all in one, so you must try this one for sure or you’re doing secondlife all wrong.

The Genus Project head is my new go to and the skin from Flesh, Zahira, is my favorite! If you were lucky enough to snag the head when it was out for limited time you def want to try this skin!

The decor here is a must see with graphics up and in person! So much detail and vibrant color options.

GUYS it’s so hot here!! My sunburn is gone and im sure you know I already have another less violent burn from going back into the sun too soon. Like I said I will never learn but I’m goldeny so yay!

I have been catching up on my binging on Hulu and Netflix and I need new shows!!! I’m caught up on midnight in texas, handmaid’s tale, GOT, Vikings and tonight I’m caught up on Preacher. Give me some new shows to watch that you like. I watched hbo on hulu show The Deuce and I have never seen so much penis in a show EVHAR. like…so.much.penis.  There is a lot of hunching also. It’s based on how sex trade and organized crime was happening in the early 1970’s. (I am not good at explaining shat so google it ) Good show just a lot of wiener pieces. Go watch it and if you like to drink…every time you see a peener … take a shot. YW

Happy shopping and HAVE A DAY! ❤





Exile – Dulcet – All or Nothing @ Vanity

Safira – Vita @ Vanity

Kibitz – Nerualis necklace – onyx


Flesh x Genus Project // Zahira

GENUS Project – Genus Bento head – Mocap


SAYO – Hudson Pergola & Lounger @ Fameshed



You can pretend you don’t miss me



Flesh x Genus Project // Zahira

GENUS Project – Genus Bento head – Mocap


Vanity Hair::Team Single-Greedy Pack @ On9

(fd) Delish Crop – Sugar @ C88

Emery Los Feliz Jeans Original @ C88

sue cream. Chu Lollipop Gacha – candy 5


FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Escape




Crystal heart festival has been open and there are some super cute items you can grab…focusing here on Moon hair and Vincue outfit available there now!

The skin, which I will be doing a close up of soon, is from New faces and you can find her at Chapter Four.

It’s rainy and gloomy out here but that gross moist sticky humidity shit where when you step outside every and all gnats/mosquitos immediately stick to your gross feeling body! So im inside for the day and I am already stir crazy! I am doing couple pics to post this week and then running to Micheal’s (craft store) and grab birdhouses or something to paint from boredom! Let me know below or via flickr mail what you do when bored on a rainy day with crafty things. Thunder just shook the shit out of my house and I clenched my butt cheeks so hard I got a cramp. thought I would share that with you. Youre very welcome. Have a day!!




Moon. Hair // – Haiku @ The Crystal Heart Festival

Vincue / Sailie Set ~ Things @ The Crystal Heart Festival


New Faces – Adriana @ TCF



Hey ladies, I have been away a bit because it is beautiful outside! Hot AF but beautiful! I also signed up to go back to school for some classes im interested in … so two jobs and classes I wont be on as much. I still enjoy receiving your flickr mail with crazy questions AND “inappropriate” ones, they are all entertaining as well as let me know I may be missed a bit in this HUGE pretend time land of bloggers. So on to the blogginess. I will have more pics with Flesh soon and the jeans that go with this top from blueberry….put them on your pretend time body! They remind me of L.A. GEAR from the 90’s.

So I will start writing more info with each post, time allowing, as requested.

Today/night I have on the new release from FLESH for Genus Project, Szende. She comes in 4 tones from tone 2- 5. I am wearing tone 2 here. Follow Flesh on flickr

Flesh has some of the prettiest tones and go into deeper shades just as beautifully. Head over and try a demo if you grabbed the Genus Project head.

The hair is from Navy & Copper and as always is amazing!! I tried a different fade than usual and pretty af. This lovely can be found at Fameshed.

The adorable top is from blueberry. She comes in soooo many colors and options! I know a lot of you don’t love fatpacks but you and I both know blueberry is always worth a fatpack. Dont forget the jeans!!! I’ll have them in a post soon I hope. I have to force myself to sit still when its nice out! I’m trying tho!!

Happy shopping my beautifuls and again thanks for silly/loving/confusing and sometimes mean flickr mail! I love them all equally!  I squish.




Navy+Copper – Cheesecake @ Fameshed

Blueberry – Ashberry – Button Up Tops

*AvaWay* SPRING Necklaces


Flesh x Genus&Omega // Szende – No.2

GENUS Project – Genus Bento head – Mocap