I guess it’s looking like you stuck with me


PUMEC – Jane – JANUARY (N) – Genus

WarPaint* Paloma brows BoM [Genus fit – naturals] @ Uber

[theSkinnery] Cleavage Tattoo Addon (BOM)

.euphoric ~ Jenny Lipgloss Applier ~[Genus] @ Cosmopolitan

.euphoric ~Alice Eyes Collection~[Catwa-Genus-Lelutka] @ Tres Chic


VOBE – Analu Necklace Fatpack @ Belle Event

Ade – Brower Hairstyle

Mangula – Valeria Set @ Collabor88


Lyrium. Mona Still Stands Series @ Dubai


Corazon – Flashback – The Bearded Guy @ Swank

Honey bones



LeLUTKA Erin Head

WarPaint* Seduction liner @ Cupid Inc.

MICHAN – Amanda Lashes [Lelutka]

.euphoric~Hae Bento Eyes

:ANDORE: – :Mesh Ears: – Royal Heart [PRO]


CandyDoll Nena Brasier – PHATPACK @ Kinky (NEW SPONSOR YAAAAY)

CandyDoll Nena Panties – PHATPACK @ Kinky

Wasabi // Kirsten Mesh Hair – All colors @ Anthem

Fika – Glowing Reception Group Gift!!

VOBE– Buddha Set (Bracelet & Rings)

I start to dance like the sun is shining and I know you’re there



LeLUTKA Erin Head [LELUTKA Evolution]

.euphoric ~Hae Eyes Applier ~[Lelutka]Brown Pack

WarPaint* Gilded liner [BakesOnMesh]

MICHAN – Amanda Lashes [Lelutka]

REVOUL – Stallion Hairbase ❤ @ Uber

[ penk. ] eyebrow 001 – subtle arch

XVI – Rosemary Tattoo

Hoodlem – Fluid Tattoo ( omega / legacy / BoM )


:ANDORE: – :Gacha: – Royal Heart

:ANDORE: – :Mesh Ears: – Royal Heart [PRO]

MICHAN – Angela Necklace

Little Fox – Ribbed crop top // ALL COLORS @ Dubai

OSMIA – Rosalie.Mini Skirt – FullPack @ Uber

*booN NYN116 hair black/chocolate/purple


Lyrium. Hoverboard Fun Series (cotton candy included)


Fears – Dreaming – The Bearded Guy

Sky was black, my hair was fire


LeLUTKA Nova Head

PUMEC – Violet – FATPACK (N) – Lelutka @ ACCESS


Tableau Vivant \ Tara hair – Reds @ Collabor88

1692 + Charmed – Witchy Necklaces

ISON – ribbon back turtleneck – black @ Collabor88

ISON – asymmetrical strap skirt – black @ Collabor88


Lyrium. Nicole series Gift


Spider Night – Festival Stages VOL 2 – The Bearded Guy

I can’t sleep until I feel your touch

Still sick! My cold turned into Pneumonia and Bronchitis. bleh. So slow blogging until i’m fully able to breath! ffs


MICHAN – Noelle [Powder Pack Genus Dec 2019](lashes & nose makeup)



Sorumin– Let’s eat SET -FATPACK-

Wasabi // Prisha Mesh Hair – All colors @ Uber

MICHAN – Key Necklace GIFT


The Bearded Guy – Before Dream *RARE* – Dreaming @ Vanity




LeLUTKA Nova Head

Letis Tattoo :: The Time :: MM12027


RAWR! Venom Necklace @ TMD

RAWR! Screwed Septum Piercing @ TMD

VINYL – Foodie Tee Pak Fatpak @ Food Court

Blueberry – Dynamite – Leggings On Steroids – Fat Pack

[monso] My Hair – Roxi /Black & White @ fameshed


 Lyrium – Eli pose set @ Dubai 


The Bearded Guy – El Gato – Remember Milei @ ShinyShabby

Hello Nova

Ladies! Lelutka has released two new absolutely gorgeous BOM ready mesh heads. I’m a little late posting thanks to adulting but here is a first look at Nova…

Glam Affair released a few ne skins specifically for these heads as well and I am wearing Becca for this picture.

The only editing done is windlight and a bit of blur in PS. Below are raw no graphics up pics.

The HUD is also majorly updated and has a million options. I added eyeliner to my young face. There is an option for mature also. I will have a pic soon. I also used the HUD for my facial expression. There are A LOT of options there as well.

Introductory price will be set to L$3700 for the first two “Evolution” Line Female Heads till January 20th, 2020.
After this 2-week period, the price will be set back to the standard price of L$5000.

There is so much to cover so I am going to copy paste from the NC received! You definetly need to run over and grab a demo. The are both stunning!! ❤

So, what do you get with the new HUD/Head?

HUD interface has been fully remastered with not only the UI but scripts as well.

Heads are 100% Bakes on Mesh ready and intended to be used as such, however, old SKIN, EYES and LASHES appliers can also be used.
Old makeup appliers/layers have been replaced with HD LIP and HD EYESHADOW layers and old appliers will not work on them.
Skins, Lashes and Eyes have remained Omega Appliers compatible.
Multiple MATERIAL options have been added to the Head both in softer (feather indicator)
and stronger detail as well as young/mature versions.
Shininess sliders have been elaborated to include both intensity and glossiness which, now can be edited separately.
Environment Slider has been added as well as Full bright and Glow slider in pop up tint panel.

12 lashes included, with the ability to mix and match the top and bottom layers to get that unique look.
Masking layer has also been added for a thicker effect as well as the instances when hair covers the lashes and alpha glitch „eats them“.
Lashes can also be hidden fully or partially, top or bottom lashes in the „Genetics“ tab.

12 eye colors included, with the ability to mix and match the left and right eye tone.
Like on the Head, eyes can be switched to Bakes on Mesh Mode.
In „Genetics“ tab one can additionally adjust the eyes by making the iris larger or smaller as well as offsetting it up/down and to both sides.
In this same tab, Lacrimal Caruncle can be hidden as well as colored in 5 different tones.

Teeth have been fully remastered. 9 different color/shading options for your teeth included in
5 anatomical variations which are available in the „Genetics“ tab.
Along with remastered Gems and Braces, Tongue and Lip piercings have also been included.

6 symmetrical HD Eyeshadows included. Blend and Clear option are the same as in the old HUD,
2 different Materials have been added as well as Glossiness and Intensity sliders.
HD Eyeshadows if made asymmetrically can be flipped from right to left side and back.
6 HD lipsticks included. Blend and Clear option are the same as in the old HUD,
4 different Materials have been added as well as Glossiness and Intensity sliders.

New Head comes with an improved rigg so that there are more options for the shape sliders.
All animations are new and designed specifically for the „Evolution” line of heads. Injectors have been removed from this system.
23 new moods have been included. One can still have multiple moods selected at one time and the HUD will shuffle through them.
Eye/Lid section has been remastered to have both eyelids and eyes animated for a more realistic effect.
Just eyes option which can be turned off prevents default SL eye animation to take over the eyes and result in „serial killer” effect on the head.
Eye control remains the same.
Vocal section defines which animation will play while you type or voice.
One needs to activate all 3 voice gestures from the inventory in order to have voice/lip sync.
Talking animations have been replaced with new ones. Each vocal animation comes in 2 variations,
one which just the lips and the other with the whole face affected.
38 new expressions have been included with matching gestures in a separate pack in the content folder.

Since the content is Bakes on Mesh ready, „Glam Affair” appliers will no longer be included. Instead however, each head will have its own
Face Tattoo does not include the brows, those are on their own system tattoo layer also available in 4 tones.

TESTING TAB is no longer a part of the main HUD UI, it is available as a separate HUD now.

LeLUTKA.System.Hairbases PACK
4 x Hairbases in 8 shades

LeLUTKA.System.Tattoo.Add-Ons PACK contains:
3 x Beastly/Bloody options
4 x Blush options
4 x System Eyeshadows
3 x Face Masks
4 x Freckles options
1 x Highlighter in 3 shades
4 x System Lipsticks
1 x Mature skin add-on in 3 shades
1 x Smile Line in 3 shades

Each head will also include 1 starter shape.

More skin try-ons coming! ❤
Closer look here


LeLUTKA Nova Head ❤

[Glam Affair] Becca [Lelutka]

.euphoric ~Noelle Eyes Collection


Stealthic – Sultry

Seniha. Gisela Dress Gown @ COSMOPOLITAN ( IT SPARKLES! click on name of the dress see full shot on Seniha’s flickr)