You make me weak






That’s life, that’s you, this me, that’s vice

Crucify, crucify me

I can’t recall the last time I took advice from anyone
Shaped like a figure eight who trusts pretty girls anyway?
And I can’t recall the last time I took advice from anyone
I’m sure I’ll be the death of me
And I can’t recall the last time I took love from anyone
I called daddy, who’s got one anyway?
Not me

Are you hating yourself?
Do you really hate me?
Are you hating yourself?

Was it worth it?
Would you do it again?
Aren’t you tired of always making amends?
I know you hate me now
I bet you hate me now
Bring on the thorny crown

Cross my heart then I hope to die with a peace of mind (a peace of mind)
Piece together my brain soon as this beat rewind (beat rewind)
Nitrogen and propane I spike your drink at times (turn up, turn up)
I make it hard to swallow this game, you throw up every line
I notice people got Napoleon complex but that’s my confession
You said that we’re equal but I know
You’re beyond gassing that I’m beyond desperate (yeah that)
6AM on a Friday morning, my darkest hours
Them heartless hours
My apartment is lost in a coffin
I’m dead to the world like I popped me a couple downers
Down & Out on my luck
Salt water all on my tux and I call, she don’t pick up
Then I fall when summer is ending
I mean there’s no pretending I’m stuck in my ways and you’re offended
That’s life, that’s you, this me, that’s vice
You’re wrong, I’m right, that’s light
I belong somewhere on ice
I’m colder a new blood type? Even colder
Cold shoulder, Born Sinner, you know? Cole showed us!
I have nothing to lose, my dark side been well in-tuned
A Gemini go show them faces
And this here just one of my moves,






I don’t like anyone better than you


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I feel you tracing my scars


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If you wanna see where heaven is


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