You can pretend you don’t miss me



Flesh x Genus Project // Zahira

GENUS Project – Genus Bento head – Mocap


Vanity Hair::Team Single-Greedy Pack @ On9

(fd) Delish Crop – Sugar @ C88

Emery Los Feliz Jeans Original @ C88

sue cream. Chu Lollipop Gacha – candy 5


FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Escape




Ladies! I have sun burnt myself. (is it sun burnt or sunburned? idk I’m a writer not an editor merp) I do this EVERY year and never learn. Oh I have the olive skin so this banana boat dark tanning oil with 8 spf will be juuuust fine…. can’t move for a week. I’ll never learn but ill be goldeny brown so that is all that matters right? MOVING on…

Here we have a beautiful skin from Flesh, Zahira, she comes in 7 tones starting out with the lightest being a 4 which is the tone I wore in the last post of Flesh skin. She is SO pretty! Head over grab a demo on the Genus project head which will be my new go to.

I am updating sponsor/stores I blog for list as its changing around as well as updating items worn so keep an eye on those if you like.

My gorgeous hair is from MOON who has been killing it lately with the cutest hairs. I’m loving the style options and live for the ombres.  Grab Bloom stat!

The cinched sexy top is from blueberry, Danni, also comes as a dress option. Different styles to your liking. I was feeling the ombres here also.

Get your shopping on while i slather myself in pain relieving Bactine!




Moon. Hair // – Bloom @ Vanity Event

Blueberry – Danni – Corset Dress/top


Flesh x Genus Project // Zahira

GENUS Project – Genus Bento head – Mocap



Hey ladies, I have been away a bit because it is beautiful outside! Hot AF but beautiful! I also signed up to go back to school for some classes im interested in … so two jobs and classes I wont be on as much. I still enjoy receiving your flickr mail with crazy questions AND “inappropriate” ones, they are all entertaining as well as let me know I may be missed a bit in this HUGE pretend time land of bloggers. So on to the blogginess. I will have more pics with Flesh soon and the jeans that go with this top from blueberry….put them on your pretend time body! They remind me of L.A. GEAR from the 90’s.

So I will start writing more info with each post, time allowing, as requested.

Today/night I have on the new release from FLESH for Genus Project, Szende. She comes in 4 tones from tone 2- 5. I am wearing tone 2 here. Follow Flesh on flickr

Flesh has some of the prettiest tones and go into deeper shades just as beautifully. Head over and try a demo if you grabbed the Genus Project head.

The hair is from Navy & Copper and as always is amazing!! I tried a different fade than usual and pretty af. This lovely can be found at Fameshed.

The adorable top is from blueberry. She comes in soooo many colors and options! I know a lot of you don’t love fatpacks but you and I both know blueberry is always worth a fatpack. Dont forget the jeans!!! I’ll have them in a post soon I hope. I have to force myself to sit still when its nice out! I’m trying tho!!

Happy shopping my beautifuls and again thanks for silly/loving/confusing and sometimes mean flickr mail! I love them all equally!  I squish.




Navy+Copper – Cheesecake @ Fameshed

Blueberry – Ashberry – Button Up Tops

*AvaWay* SPRING Necklaces


Flesh x Genus&Omega // Szende – No.2

GENUS Project – Genus Bento head – Mocap


Anything could happen




Navy+Copper – Fondue @ Rewind

OSMIA – Hollie.Jumpsuit @ Rewind

.::Nanika::. Elle Necklace // Vintage Fair


GENUS Project – Genus Bento head – Mocap

IGOTIT – Moles (Body)

L’Etre – Face mesh layers


L y r i u m – Bento Series Set 2


hive // zig chair @ C88

hive // chunky wood coffee table @ C88

(fd) Cat – 02 Sleeping Curled

ionic : Aperitivo

ionic : Green Apple Drink

ionic : Limonada!

Ariskea [Wild] Boho Tapestry [Green Mandala]

oOo Surf board


Hungry is the ghost inside



pr!tty – Maddi @ PocketGacha

(Yummy) Lillian Glasses – Black

SEUL – Alice Button-up – Daisy @ k9


GENUS Project – Genus Bento head – Mocap

GENUS Skin Applier /BRONZE

Insol: Body & Face freckles


As long as I’m with you



OSMIA – Summer.Weekend.Gacha Bikini @ The Arcade

erratic / amara – bath towels / ivory


Lyrium. Moments Couple Pose


VARONIS – Industrual Loft (more pics coming)

[Merak] – Him&Her Bed @ Fameshed

[Merak] – June Office Set @ PocketGacha

  • Task Calendar
  • Notebooks
  • June Planner
  • June Desk
  • June Dahlias
  • June Chair
  • Coffe Cup

[Merak] – Wall Organizer

[Merak] – Notebook Organizer

Second Spaces – Laundry Day – dirty towels

Soy. Messy Towel

KITE – Chihuahua Time – Dreaming @ The Arcade

.05 [ kunst ] – Recordings pile #3 @ The Arcade

Wednesday[+] ~ Strange Life ~ Guitar COMMON

Wednesday[+] ~ Strange Life ~ Laptop&Homeworks COMMON


I’ve got fire in my soul




Blueberry – Bella – Bikini Set

Tableau Vivant // Vento hair

Izzie’s – Wet Body & Face


Essences – Allison (Catwa & Omega) @ K9


SAYO – Palm Tree (Fameshed Birthday Gift)

* CHEZ MOI Emma Wicker Patio Set

8f8 – Green Grocers – Watermelon Tasting Set

22769 – Tray with Water Bottle – COMMON