Not alone


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Vile prophecy, scrape it out of me

“You were the summer
You were the coma
You were the only oneIt was so quiet
And then you came around
And all the hiss of unknown
Turned lifeless and commonplaceYou carrier, you’ll never see
What came undone, what you took from me
Can you hear them? Rats in the walls
They remind me together of who we were
I don’t need your help or your hindrance
You stay the fuck away from me
You said: It’s been so long, I’m all alone
Hear the scratch of the rats in the wallsLed me here, said: Hold my hand
A young nymph defiled then
My body fights itself inside
I feel it bow, this mortal holdYou carrier, you repulse me
Heard the sound of her knees scrape against the street
You, the dirty one, what you took from me
There was nothing left but hypocrisy
Holy odium, blotted memory
But my regret will never consume me
The ocean’s licking tongue, the letting of the blood
Vile prophecy, scrape it out of me “

  • Chelsea Wolfe



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