The will is evil-ution




Exile – Haunted – All or Nothing @ C88

{le fil casse} Verity

OSMIA – SisterOfTheMoon.Gacha – Rat.In.Hand& shoulder & decor


Izzie’s – Demon Eyes

Izzie’s – Bloody Lips

*Bolson / Tattoo Mesh Body Pack – Serra & Eli


VARONISAscelin Skybox in Builder’s Box Black Magic edition

Garbaggio // Evil Inc. Sign

PILOT – Garland [Black Webs]

MadPea – The Witching Hour – Goat Skull

+Half-Deer+ Spiderweb Shelf

ISON – books and skulls

22769 – Row of Potions – COMMON

22769 – Potion Bottles – COMMON

Soy. Bottled Potions

MN Cluster of Candles


I make black hearts shudder




Exile – Dusk – All or Nothing @ Vanity

Safira – Mony @ Vanity

Birdy – Little Witch – Corgi – Held @ Arcade

[Merak] – Witch’s Drink @ TLC

Yummy – rings @collab88


VARONIS – Ascelin Skybox in Builder’s Box Black Magic edition

[Merak] – Modern Witch’s Belongings @ TLC

  • Modern Witch Sign
  • Modern Witch Shrine
  • Modern Witch Candles
  • Modern Witch Books
  • Decorative Witch Plate

+Half-Deer+ Requiem Moon – Witch Broom Decor @ Arcade

+Half-Deer+ Requiem Moon – Deer Skull (Black)  @ Arcade

Birdy – Little Witch – Magic Book – Decor – Mystic @ Arcade

7.Sese_Haunted Bar_Stand & Brain @ Arcade

10.Sese_Haunted Bar_Plate & Fingers @ Arcade

PILOT – Garland [Black Bats]

JIAN :: Bat (Hanging)

Raven Marble Pestle and Morter

Raven Vial Set

*pm* Devil Trap Decal

[PR] Half Moons Hanging – Blue





Safira – Violette @ Kinky

Kibitz – Chrystal necklace – silver

RAMA.SALON – Jess Hair ‘BLACKS’ @ Hair Fair


L y r i u m – Bento Series Set 4


VARONIS – Hideout Skybox


Never is a promise and you can’t afford to lie

Good afternoon ladies! I am on a 90’s music kick from my angst-y teen days. I always get caught in music holes when playing around on youtube. It all started with puppy videos, how to cook a whole chicken( idk why but I watched it) then progressed (somehow) into ghetto fight videos then 90’s booty music to 90’s angst ridden lady jams. Idk how it happens but it happens.

I have some group gift items on here for you to run and grab up. Blueberry has this super cute outfit out now for the group! Blueberry is always so good to us!

I also have on this cute hair from Bad Hair Day which is also a group gift! However if you’re not already in the group it will cost you to join but could be an investment for future group gifts so keep that in mind as well.

The skin…THE.SKIN. So Flesh has this beauty out at access event. She is for the genus project head which I am not sure if it is still out for purchase or not but if not def grab her when the updates are done and she is back on the market. This skin is so gorgeous and the tones are lovely. Put her on your body.

I am off one job for a week and a half. My second job is done from home so more posts this week! ^5’s all your eyelashes!

Keep Greece in your thoughts today with the horrible wildfires. It looks very scary and my heart breaks for them.

I hope you have a great rest of the day/night and happy shopping! ❤




Blueberry – Mimi – Group Gift

[BAD HAIR DAY] – Moon Group Gift (360 to join)

Kibitz — Rae necklace — Gold


Flesh x Genus Project // Bora @ access event

GENUS Project – Genus Bento head – Mocap

.:[PUMEC] :. – / Mesh Ears


VARONIS – Stockholm Studio Apartment ( more pics to come of inside)

ANHELO-G05-11-182GA : camera bag

anxiety %NMO_MONDAY [takeout mess]


This time its different




JACKALOPE / Lori Tied Tee @ Vintage Fair

JACKALOPE / Corduroy Bell-Bottoms @ Vintage Fair

{Lenore} Cleo Pin-Up Girl Choker @ Vintage Fair

:Z.S: Cheer Bangles @ Vintage Fair

[e] Juniper – All Colours

*Tentacio* Love package bread bag


*Spicy* Dottie skin Fat Pack (Exclusive) (Catwa&Maitreya&Omega) @ Vintage Fair


oOo Studio: Smoking @ Vintage Fair


(Milk Motion) sub level @ The arcade – machine 2

  • sub level 1 – The car park – RARE
  • traffic cone
  • ticket machine
  • small car – red
  • small car – black
  • car park barrier

VARONIS – Sanremo Scooter IN Deco(c)rate

::WetCat:: “Vintage Cases” @ Vintage Fair

SAYO – Summer in Santorini – Scooter (Pink) @  The arcade


As long as I’m with you



OSMIA – Summer.Weekend.Gacha Bikini @ The Arcade

erratic / amara – bath towels / ivory


Lyrium. Moments Couple Pose


VARONIS – Industrual Loft (more pics coming)

[Merak] – Him&Her Bed @ Fameshed

[Merak] – June Office Set @ PocketGacha

  • Task Calendar
  • Notebooks
  • June Planner
  • June Desk
  • June Dahlias
  • June Chair
  • Coffe Cup

[Merak] – Wall Organizer

[Merak] – Notebook Organizer

Second Spaces – Laundry Day – dirty towels

Soy. Messy Towel

KITE – Chihuahua Time – Dreaming @ The Arcade

.05 [ kunst ] – Recordings pile #3 @ The Arcade

Wednesday[+] ~ Strange Life ~ Guitar COMMON

Wednesday[+] ~ Strange Life ~ Laptop&Homeworks COMMON